Safety First, Cleanliness Always

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10 tips for you to start safe and finish clean.

Safety First, Clean Always: Discover xTool's laser solutions!


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Never leave your laser unattended while it is running in case of fire.


Proper material setting is a guarantee

Appropriate parameters can not only ensure the perfection of the work but also avoid potential safety hazards.

XCS | Material Test Array

The Material Test Array in XCS automates testing for design patterns (both bitmap & vector), enhancing material testing efficiency and clarity on parameter effects.

Free material setting solution

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby

Always keep a spray bottle, C02 fire extinguisher or a fire blanket within arms reach of your laser.

Fire Safet Set

The xTool Fire Safety Set offers cutting-edge fire protection by quickly detecting fires using advanced sensors and algorithms, and provides automatic extinguishing, ensuring safety and early disaster prevention.