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Suggestions on filter maintenance

Replaceable filters are used in the purifier. You need to clean or replace the filters after long-term use to
ensure a better purification effect.

Replace After Use For 7-15 Days

Replace the pre-filter when more than 70% of its surface is covered by dust that can't be removed.

HEPA Filter
Replace After Use For 3-6 Months

Replace the HEPA filter when it fails to filter out smoke.

Main Filter
Replace After Use For 2-3 Months

Clean the medium filter when the dust on it causes poor suction of the purifier. If you cannot clean the dust thoroughly, please replace the medium filter.

Filter Replacement Kit for xTool Smoke Purifier (1 Pack)

Order today, ships in 1-3 business day.
£159.00 £189.00

- £30.00

£159.00 £189.00

- £30.00

Order today, ships in 1-3 business day.